Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tall Hostas

A simple planting turns out to be a tall order ...

I worked outside planting flowers yesterday,
which allowed me to notice for the first time
that a few hostas I had planted last year
turned out to be very tall growers
 identical to these:

These leggy plants pose a design issue. 
Since they are hostas, I assumed they would form low, neat mounds;
so I planted green and white variegated hostas behind them.
Now the green and white hostas are eclipsed by the tall guys.
I guess I'll either have to move the variegated hostas forward,
or plant more of them in front of the tall ones to even the arrangement.
Or maybe even move the tall ones to the back next spring 
and move the green and white ones further forward.
Is there a master gardener in the house?
What would you do?

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