Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sun-Loving Flowers

The real voyage of discovery consists 
not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
                                                --Marcel Proust

I have always liked this quote by Proust,
and it came to mind this morning.
I had written a lament yesterday about all the sun-loving flowers 
I can't grow here in the shade,
and concluded that I was resigned to accepting what I've been given.
And then...

I'm considering purple coneflower

Today I "discovered" a tiny flower bed in full sun
at the front of my house.
For over a decade it's been filled with iris, 
but in the last couple of years they all died.
We neglected the plot, allowing the shrubby Asian jasmine ground cover 
to overtake the bed, rendering it virtually invisible.

Or maybe an Indian blanket flower

But this morning, I cleared out the ground cover
and the dead leaves and voila
I have a lovely little flower bed 
with surprisingly soft soil--in full sun.
So Proust was right,
I didn't have to seek a new landscape after all.
And now I'm going shopping. ;-)

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