Friday, May 30, 2014

English Ivy Part 2

As I  mentioned yesterday,
I have 4 types of ivy growing in various places around our house.
Mostly because ivy grows well in the heavy shade,
but also because I've always thought ivy was pretty
and evocative of beautifully manicured English gardens, 
as opposed to the hit or miss quality of most suburban gardens.

Photo credit: Alamy.

Our true English ivy 
consistently tries to escape its pot and entwines itself into nearby shrubs.
That's one I cut back ruthlessly.

 The fourth variety we have is a large leaf ivy that has been given its freedom.
But who would have guessed it intended to devour the Madison jasmine whole
and spit out its bare vines like bones?

This aggressive ivy is either a Boston ivy or an Algerian ivy. 
I"m not sure which, but it's got a very large leaf and is very green and lush.
I suppose we will let it fill in as far as we need it to,
and then when it tries to encroach into forbidden areas
we'll deliver swift justice.
If it will let us.

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