Sunday, March 16, 2014

Winter to Spring

No matter where I've lived around the U. S.,
people always say if you don't like the weather now,
just wait a minute and it will change.
I was thinking of that today
when, still basking in the glow of yesterday's warm spring day,
I heard of the advisory for winter storm "Wiley," 
which includes snow and rain for a large swath of the country,
including Tidewater Virginia.

It occurs to me that the change from winter to spring is seldom easy.
We expect that the seasons should arrive in neat, fenced off parcels
that are easily placed end to end. One stops. One starts.
But winter to spring is really more of a back then forth, 
a to then fro,
an up then down,
a right then left and right again.
Like a reel.
In our case, a Virginia reel.

Like it or not, apparently winter 
intends  at least one more do-si-do.
We may not want to dance with it again,
but we may as well enjoy the music.

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