Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Tulip Tree

As March days go, this one was pretty typical.
The day began with frigid cold that warmed to cool by afternoon.
Then blue skies and white clouds framed an afternoon of sunshine.
So I decided to walk outside
(with the pekes, of course.)

A river birch tree rose from behind a hedge along the sidewalk,
and I noticed a beautiful yellow warbler on an upper branch.
 I walked beyond the hedge for a better view of the bird.
And that's when I saw the tulip tree.
The tulip tree blossoms grow from bare branches,
so they are very eye-catching.
This tulip tree that I came upon held the most vivid fuschia tulip-shaped blossoms.

The intersection of a yellow warbler and  fuchsia-pink blossoms--
very fortunate.

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