Monday, March 3, 2014

When Winter Remains

Let's face it. 
Once March arrives,
winter is supposed to begin its departure.
Cool, damp, even rainy weather is tolerated
because we know that spring is coming in less than three weeks.

It started snowing and I had to get a shot of it Photo by ArmyMom102

But when sleet and snow arrive on March 3rd, 
speckling the windows with tiny bits of ice,
and closing schools and businesses yet again--
there is a sense that winter has become the annoying house guest 
that refuses to leave.

But every snow cloud has a silver lining.
Early this afternoon as the sleet turned to snow,
I saw a beautiful bright red cardinal sitting in an evergreen tree.
The cardinal's red feathers stood out from the rich green leaves,
and the undisturbed white snow covered the ground below.

It reminded me of something a friend said to me the year I lived in Wisconsin
after I expressed irritation that snow was falling in late April.
"Yes," she said. "But the crocus will look so lovely in the snow."
I recall that sometimes when I grow winter-weary.
She's right, we shouldn't be irritated by winter's trickery.
But a little dismay?
That seems fair.

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