Thursday, April 12, 2012

Return of the Goddess

Last week I wrote about Flowers of the Heart, flowers
that are representative of loved and being loved.
One such flower for me and my husband is the iris, named for the Goddess Iris,
keeper of the rainbow and messenger of the gods.

So I've been waiting for my iris blossoms to return again,
and they did reappear--slowly--beginning on Easter weekend.
I wanted to show their pale lilac blooms here
along with other photos of the many different iris colors.

But I have had less success trying to find rainbow colors of iris
than I did trying to find a nesting goose.
I was expecting to find at least one yellow iris blossom,
whether a light yellow gossamer or deeper, more vibrant yellow gold,
or perhaps a rich deep wine red or maybe a true blue iris,
but no such luck.
All of them I found are primarily white or shades of violet, but
that's okay with me. Violet is a gentle color.

Here are some iris that are a bit darker violet than mine:

These next ones are an attractive light lavendar blue.
Very pretty between the two trees
with the porch railing in the background.

 Next, a bright white blossom paired with a dark purple one
that is barely visible in the shadow under the rosey-pink azalea:

And yesterday I found an iris
in a rich bi-color of burgundy and mauve:

I also came upon some frilly deep purple and white bi-colored blooms
planted with white ones, purple pansies,
and thanks to nature, a backdrop of yellow buttercups.

And here are mine with a few light lilac blossoms
and a multitude of buds promising more:
Last night my husband picked one for me,
and we put it in a vase on the table.
I had forgotten how deliciously sweet the iris blossom's perfume is--
like a mixture of grapes and sugar.
An iris is a lovely reminder of happy childhood memories.

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