Sunday, April 8, 2012

Celebrations of Easter

There are many ways that people in the Shire celebrate Easter.
The methods range from downright silly to charming, to inspiring and devotional.
Let's start with silly to charming.

A fairly recent tradition  is one where people hang
brightly colored plastic eggs from outdoor trees:

Colorful plastic eggs are sometimes small:

And sometimes, bigger than even the strongest bunny could carry:

Some people decorate their landscape with lots of little Easter characters:

While others  put bunny ears on a patient puppy dog:

Of course there are others who keep their heads
and let beautiful spring flowers and trees express their Easter joy: 

And some folks attend Easter services at dawn.
Here is one of my favorite sights in Norfolk, St. Mary's Cathedral:
I love its Gothic style architecture and its ornate spire rising into the blue sky.
Whichever way you and your family celebrate this Easter,
I hope you experience the joy of shared traditions.

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