Monday, April 2, 2012

The Green Sheen

Here in this Virginia Shire we love spring as much as anyone,
maybe even more because we have such an abundance of beautiful spring flowers.
But I have to admit there is one thing about our spring 
that no one here looks forward to.
In fact, we don't care to see this phenomenon come at all.
We would happily hide inside our houses
until this unwelcome guest departed if we could.
I am speaking of what I call the green sheen--
a dusty, powdery coating of yellow-green pollen
 that settles over everything outdoors and in
when one is foolish enough to leave their windows open as I did last spring.

If  a visit to our Shire is planned for this time of year, here is what to expect:
Walking across the lawn raises little clouds of pale green dust that soil shoes and pant legs.
Windshield wipers come on to clear the dust from car windows,
and everyone drives a green vehicle for a few weeks.
Puppy dogs leave paw prints tinted green across the floor
and a fine sifting of green powder wherever they lay.
The surface of once clear ponds turns mucky.

There is nothing one can do to eradicate the green sheen,
so it requires a  measure of patience. 
Although some people vigilantly sweep and rinse it off of walks and drives,
I am not so compelled. I just wait for those April showers.

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