Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Wild Goose Chase: Part Two

When we left off this narrative yesterday, I had visited this duck pond
in search of a nesting goose:

Not finding one, I looked back the way I came--just in case.
But no, no nesting goose.

I walked a little further to a bridge over another part of the marsh,
but no nesting goose there either.

Not down this path that runs along the marsh:

And not down this path to the bridge
where I'd seen the first nesting goose a few years ago.

When I got back to where I'd seen the goose the first time,
there was nothing there but a beautiful marsh

and lots of little minnows
swimming in the brackish water.

Did I give up or did I find a nesting goose?
Join me tomorrow for the answer in Part 3 of "My Wild Goose Chase."

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