Sunday, August 25, 2013


Borage, borago officinalis,  is another unusual herb that I have grown in the past.
It has succulent leaves covered in a profusion of small stiff hairs.

Its edible flowers grow up to be a pretty true blue,
and as a bonus, they are shaped like little 5-pointed stars, 
which explains why borage is sometimes called starflower. 

This photo of the borage flowers is from the blog
"backyard Diva." I love her slogan: you can't grow wrong

Best of all, the leaves of borage taste and smell like cucumber.
Both the borage flowers and leaves can be used to infuse water
for a crisp & refreshing, if  faint, cucumber taste.
I've fixed it before, and it is a delicious summer drink.

This next photo is of a borage field at Bannisters Farm 
"on the Yorkshire Wolds" in the UK. 
Isn't this beautiful with its different shades of blue? 
Visit their web site here for more info: 

Many of the old herbals prescribe borage for dispelling sadness.
It's not a very pretty plant in the garden because it's gangly,
but its flowers en masse or up close 
are guaranteed to lift the spirits.

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