Monday, August 5, 2013

7 Wonders No. 5

Yesterday I was talking with Mike, 
a tour guide in Sedona, Arizona.
The sky had darkened and thunder rumbled,
and Mike said he thought they  might get "some weather."
He explained that in a dry climate with 305 days of sunshine per year,
anytime rain arrived, it was "weather."
Here's a photo of rain in Sedona
from Arizona Highways:

Since we were outdoors, 
it was fortunate that we only had a cooling breeze and a few drops of rain.
We escaped the "monsoon" that the area experiences in July and August.
Regardless, after a few days in desert temperatures,
it's amazing how much I was looking forward to a little "weather" too.

So that is my wonder No. 5: weather.
In the Shire, we enjoy all kinds of weather:
sunshine, rain, snow, ice, sleet, sometimes hail, mist, fog,
the haze of humidity, thunderstorms, nor'easters, hurricanes.
We definitely have weather every day.
Here are a few photos that show our weather:

Rain, which can be refreshing:

Snow happens more often further north,
but we do get snow once or twice.
This is a beautiful photo of Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson,
posted  by Tariq Salahi on Facebook:
Photo: Tariq Salahi

These are icicles that were hanging from my roof a couple of winters ago:

When the spring comes and we have warm sunshine,
it's a real treat for everyone:

Desert sun and dry skies are okay for a short visit,
but I'm glad I live somewhere where the weather changes more often.
Rain and snow, freeze and thaw. Hot and cold.
That's what gives us beautiful gardens like this:

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