Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring has Sprung

It's March 21st, 
so we can safely say that spring has finally sprung--or has it? 
For this morning it is a windy, chilly "feels like" 30 degrees.
Those notorious March winds have arrived in full force.
At least they are making my wind chimes ring.

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I came across this website:
that had an article about the change of seasons.
The main thing that caught my eye was that technically,
we only had 88.99 days of winter in the northern hemisphere this year,
compared to 92.76 days we can expect for spring.

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Is there someone we can talk to 
about not getting our full count of sunny, warm spring days?


Last night I celebrated the arrival of spring
by attending a violin concert given by Pavel Ilyashov,
who performs with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra.
He played a Bach piece from a reproduction of  Bach's original handwritten music,
which is remarkable not only for its complexity,
but also for the fact that Bach didn't have cross-throughs and corrections
in his manuscript as other composers do.
Here's a sample: 

Sitting with my eyes closed, listening to a masterful violin concert,
feeling the music fill the room--
what a wonderful way to welcome spring.

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I wonder if I could come up with 91.76 more ways to celebrate
the gentle days of spring.
I may not find that many ways,
but it will be fun trying.

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