Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Snow White?

White Snow and a Frozen Spring

Yesterday had to be one of the coldest days of the year.
The wind coming off of the Lafayette River near where I work
was relentless and utterly frigid.
As I was heading to my car,
I realized that a wind like that 
shows no respect for those attempting to walk against it.
Oh, Spring. Where are you??

I'm not the only one who wonders.
Here are a few things I found on Facebook 
that made me laugh about our frozen spring.

Cartoon by Glenn McCoy, bnd.com

I don't know who put this next one together, 
but I thought it was also very funny:

I know we all want this season to unfold,
as captured in this photo by Michelle Truex:

But if it had, we would miss the kind of beauty
 found in Jeanne's Snow Garden.

Jeanne is a friend of mine who posted these photos on her Facebook page.
They are of her garden after the recent spring snowfall.
Jeanne's garden is beautiful in any season.
Every path reveals a delight for the senses.
I would love to have a similar garden at my house,
but I don't have Jeanne's way with plants and flowers.

photo courtesy of Jeanne Reeves

This one is simply magic, like a scene from a fairy tale:

This morning when I went to read my "must read" blog,
Must Love Pekes, available here: 
I discovered that Linda had also been captivated
by the beauty of Jeanne's garden of snow.
Linda's blog contains an extra bonus:
adorable pekingese exploring the snow.
And what garden--snow covered or not--is complete 
without a pekingese or two strolling along its paths?

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