Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seeing Red

The color red has been on my mind lately for some reason,
so while my writing hiatus continues this week,
I found this blog post from March 1, 2012 
in which I celebrated red. 
I've added one or two things this morning.
Red is a strong, dynamic color.
According to a study by Eva Heller in her 2009 book
Psychologie de la coleur--Effets et symboliques,
the color is most often associated with courage.
While red may symbolize courage,
it's also been said that red is the ultimate cure for sadness.
Who doesn't feel their heart beat a little faster
when a bright red flower appears vibrant against green leaves
or when holly berries appear?

A single red leaf on a spice bush easily lifts one's spirit

And a red leaf of the viburnum does much the same.

But nothing can match the brilliance
of red camellia flowers in the morning sun:

Unless it is a red cardinal, which is unparalleled
where red plumage is concerned:

photo courtesy of

Heller says that red is also often associated with joy and celebration,
ritual and ceremony.
Whatever red symbolizes, it's hard to miss.

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