Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring 2013

Spring in January, Winter in March?

This time last year, my redbud trees were in bloom.
Crab apple trees were covered in profusions of white blossoms.
Cherry blossoms sifted in the breeze,
forming pink streets and byways.
Daffodils were spent and winter pansies were beginning to look straggly.

In January of this year, my violets were blooming
and iris leaves were already several inches high.

Now here we are six days from Spring, 
and there are no blossoms in the trees.
The tiny violets from January have hibernated once again.
Even the henbit has gone back whence it came.
I've only seen a couple of signs of the spring season: robins and daffodils.

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Most of our days have been cold and gray.
This week we've had two days of sunshine in a row,
three if we count late afternoon Tuesday when the sun finally came out--
while it was also raining buckets.
Sunlight through rain is very pretty,
like a light through a prism.
And yet, it's still not spring.

A writer named Dean Walley once wrote a booklet entitled
And Spring shall Come.
I know it shall.
I just wish it would hurry.

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