Friday, March 22, 2013

Cold and Snow

A lot of people like snow.
I find it an unnecessary freezing of water.
                                       --Carl Reiner

"Where for art thou, Spring?"

I have been accused of thinking of the weather too much.
I admit I'm guilty.
Weather affects my mood and always has.
Cold, cloudy, gray weather renders me practically immobile.

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 I do enjoy seeing softly sifting snow and bright red cardinals and juncos 
with their feathers puffed out--
but better in winter, not as much in early spring.

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And I do love the way the sunlight reflects off an expanse of fallen snow,
making it look as if one is witnessing acres of diamonds and tiny gems.
But having to retrieve my gloves and scarf on a Spring day
because it is snowing outside 
(yesterday, you know who you are)--
this does not make me happy.

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But there are two singing wrens outside my window this morning,
a long mourning dove has settled on the roof of the bird feeder,
the sun is shining once again,
and the vicious March wind has departed.

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I have a small china mug that bears this quote:
"Happiness is found in little things."
That's a good thing to remember while waiting for spring to really arrive,
even if it comes only one flower at a time.

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