Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Flower for July

I came across one of those web sites
that gives the flower and gemstone for each month.
The modern interpretation for the flower for July is,
depending on your preference, either the water lily, larkspur, or delphinium.

Water lilies are beautiful and fitting symbols of spirituality,
but despite their place on the list, 
I find it difficult to associate them with July.
Probably because I don't see that many of them.

Larkspur is an old-fashioned garden flower.
With its deep blue spikes it's more suitable for July, in my opinion.
I love this photo from the blog "Gardening with Nature";
it just says summer to me:
 .Page by Dorothy Borders via

Larkspur and delphinium are often confused 
because of the similarity of their blue flower spikes.
Even nurseries sell them as delphinium/larkspur, 
but many master gardeners suggest there is a marked difference in both leaf and flower.

This photo from is labeled as delphinium:

Which do you think symbolizes July better?
Water lilies or delphinium/larkspur?

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