Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Recycled Garden Edging

While looking at cottage gardens and border gardens online,
I came across some images for creative garden edging materials.
See what you think about these:

A series of bottles and other glass containers give this garden an unusual edge. 
I would like this better if the wine bottles were all the same color and height:

Even so, you won't see bottles lining my flower beds, but this china border I like:

Also from The Lovely Plants web site, steel pipes planted with succulents:
DIY Garden Border with Steel Pipes

And of course, there is always scrap wood:

Or, you could really go all the way with a border of scrap metal
as shown here on the blog "Ewa in the Garden":

In the hands of a talented gardener, 
these alternative edging materials could look pretty good.
For the rest of us, better to stick with bricks and stone.

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