Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fourth of July Flowers

Tomorrow is Independence Day, the Fourth of July.
And a great way to celebrate is by decorating with flowers.
There are some amazing red, white, and blue combinations out there.

I really like this arrangement by Kelli Walker. 
The delphiniums are so beautifully blue 
and the white peonies and lilies look great. 
The red is something Walker called "geum,"
something I'd never heard of before. An alternate name is avens,
which doesn't help me much either.

This window box creates the holiday theme
using white and red impatiens and tiny blue flowers:
patriotic flowers 4th of july container

Wouldn't this be a fun way to welcome guests to your Fourth of July barbecue?
Red and white geraniums and blue lobelia from On Blueberry Hill blog:
Fourth of July flowers

And you knew this was coming: a flower flag. 
This one incorporates blue lobelia and white and red dianthus:
Photo Credit: S. Smith via

This year, forget the fireworks and celebrate your independence with flowers.

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