Friday, March 23, 2012

What I Wait For

I always like this time of year
because it seems a new spring plant or flower emerges every day.
Every spring, there are flowers and plants that I wait for.
For example ...

I wait for the pine seedlings to drop,
knowing they will completely cover the ground and
find their way into the house by hitching a ride on puppy paws or our shoes.

This is how small they were just a couple of weeks ago.

And here they are yesterday.

I also wait for the wisteria.
I noticed some lovely purple wisteria vining throught the trees yesterday.
A few years ago I planted some next to my arbor,
but it doesn't get enough sun to bloom,
so I'm always glad to see it gracing trees elsewhere.

In winter the Carolina Jessamine is practically invisible,
 but in spring, its bright lemon yellow trumpets cascade down the trees.

And the one sight I wait for with the most anticipation every spring--
the palest of pink cherry blossoms in this picturesque scene.

That's when I know spring is really here.

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