Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Root of the Matter

When I initially decided to watch the fig tree,
I walked around it and took note of some of its features.
Before, I had not noticed the old wound on its lower trunk
because I usually view the tree from the opposite side.
However, I had noticed the bizarre serpentine root
squirming up out of the earth--who wouldn't?!
And I definitely noticed the chew marks
after a mystery creature had gnawed on it
under the cover of darkness some time ago.
I just pray it wasn't some loathsome rodent
that would give me the shudders had I seen it in action.
  The other odd thing about the root that had missed my attention was
that it also extends across the surface
in the other direction, looking like some critter's tail. 

I love the twists and turns of any tree root,
but the fig's are a little too creepy crawl-y
to warrant my full affection.
Still, they are the most memorable roots I have seen.
I read they can spread 50 feet out and 20 feet deep in the right climate.
It will be interesting to see how these grow in the future.
Let's hope they don't go too far.

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