Saturday, February 9, 2013

Good-Bye, Year of the Dragon

February 9th is the last day of the Chinese year of the dragon.
Dragon Year 2012 was said to bring unexpected events and good fortune,
but none of the unexpected events in  my life were favorable.
Perhaps the good luck is only for true believers.
On the other hand, I believe
that my life is filled with incredible good fortune every day,
so I will not mourn for those few splashy unexpected turns of good luck.

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the dragon year is the last of the wood cycle
and transitions into the fire cycle.
I can't explain any more than that because every article and web site
I found says that, but not what it means or why it is significant.
But I do know that  tomorrow the year of the snake begins.
The fire snake year is said to bring peace and prosperity
since snakes are a symbol of good luck and wealth.
To have one in your house is said to be very good fortune.
Hmmm. I doubt that.
Last night I had a lovely dream.
I was walking along a winding path through green hills and leafy woods.
At the crest of one hill, there was a garden of statues.
One statue, a woman, looked away from the others, toward the east.
She had a look of  grace and benign contentment on her face.
Perhaps my dream foretells the year of the snake,
for after passing the statues, I came upon a light-filled cabin--
within, all my friends and family were gathered in celebration,
waiting for me to join them.
That's true prosperity.
But it seems the dragon year with all its surprises
does not turn loose of us so easily.
Our friends in the northeastern part of the USA
received one last unexpected dragon gift: 14 to 28 inches of snow.
And I thought the news media was exaggerating the weather situation.
Turns out, they weren't.
Make that another unexpected event brought by the dragon year.
And for all of our friends in the north, stay safe and keep warm.

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