Monday, October 29, 2012

The Golf Fox Returns

In late July, I wrote about the foxes that live at a course
where my husband plays golf.
This weekend, the sly fox made another appearance,
this time bedeviling the golfers with its antics.

It seems one of my husband's golf buddies hit a shot onto the 13th green,
and while he was walking over to mark the ball,
the fox ran onto the green and tried to run off with the golf ball.
A clever attempt, but ultimately a failed one.

Later my husband went to retrieve one of the golf balls
that had rolled off  the green into a shallow ditch.
And when he walked over to pick it up, he startled the fox,
who had been preparing to make off with the ball himself.
The golf fox didn't run away though.
It sat sulking as its "prey" was carried off.

Here is the golf fox contemplating what to pilfer next:

Golfers harassed by crows who steal the junk food out of the golf carts,
foxes who try to steal the golf balls off the greens and the rough,
it's a wonder these poor golfers get to finish a game at all.
So far they've been able to outfox the fox,
but there's always tomorrow.
And I'm pretty sure the fox isn't in any hurry.
Or the crows for that matter.

Weather alert: today is the last day we are under a hurricane warning.
So far, so good. But if things change and we lose power, 
please continue to check for the Still Waters blog.

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