Thursday, October 25, 2012

Into the Fall

The closer to the forest I walked outside of Chickahominy Riverfront Park, 
the more I felt I was walking "into the fall"
because  more autumn color began to show itself.

Here's a sweet gum tree whose leaves are dressy in rust, red, and burgundy:

I thought this next tree--it might be an ash--
 was interesting because its autumn coloring is unlike others. 
Its green leaves have morphed into shades of brown, olive, and burnt orange,
all covered with tiny umber speckles.

Usually when people speak of autumn color,  they mean reds and golds.
This tree's sun-dappled autumn colors are a prototypical,
yet breathtaking, variegated red and orange:

Dogwoods, the state tree of Virginia, have fall foliage 
that ranges from burgundy to a vermilion red.
And when the autumn sun shines on them, their crimson leaves 
take on a hue that looks much more like scarlet. 
This next young  tree's leaves weren't  as red as those of the mature dogwoods at the park,
but its plump red berries were more robust than any I've ever seen.
I bet the the cardinals and titmice have chosen this dogwood 
as one of their favorite places to dine.

My favorite fall leaves? The orange ones, of course.
This delicious golden-orange always make me happy.
The leaves look like butterscotch:

I wanted to walk further into the forest, but to get to that part of the trail,
I had to cross Highway 5, which ordinarily would not have presented a problem.
But on this particular day, the highway was being repaved.
When I got to the crossing point, 
I discovered the road bed was awash in gooey black tar,
glistening and oily and oh-so-sticky. 
Rather than risk my shoes being tarred, 
and with all the birds around, possibly feathered;
 I turned around and headed back.
I admit to being a little disappointed that my trek into nature was interrupted.
But as I made my way back into the Park,
I remembered there was one more place  to visit.
Join me tomorrow for a view from the other side of the park.

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