Friday, May 4, 2012

The Swamp's Witness Trees

In my estimation,  after the water, there is no entity more important
to the Great Dismal Swamp than its trees.
There are so many tree species, it's difficult to account for them all during a single visit.
There are tall pines, cypress, hemlock, gum.
There are poplars, mulberries, and cottonwoods.
Even strange tree-like plants that I've never seen before.
These many trees have quietly stood watch over the Swamp for centuries.
That's why I call the Swamp trees "witness trees."
They've endured time and trial and observed the characters of history passing under them.
The trees in the Swamp grow very closely together,
so they are often very tall, with most of the leaves at the top. 

Here is a pair of trees with knot holes in about the same place:

I like this grouping; it's like a tree within a tree.

This tree is massive. Its branches reach far into the forest canopy.

Here's another interesting sculpture.
 Its branches twist and turn and seem up to no good.

Here's a tree hosting a thick vine:

Tomorrow, more Swamp flora.
And then the day after, I will reveal the creature I encountered.

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