Friday, May 11, 2012

The Nesting Goose

Last weekend we went to check on the nesting goose.
This time, it was not an "untamed ornithoid pursuit"
as the Star Trek character Data would say.
This time I knew right where the Branta canadensis resided.

When I got to the pond, she was still there, sitting on her nest.
The gander stood at her side watching us watching them.
And two white egrets fed in the foreground.
Here is their pond:
The white egrets are just visible in the middle of the right side of the photo.
the nesting goose and her mate are in the center of the background.
She's a very clever goose, building her nest so far from the prying attentions of humans.
It makes it difficult to get a good photo with my little Nikon.
Here's the best I can do:
You can see the gander's light breast and dark head at the center of the photo. 
She's the tiny brown shadow an inch to the left.

Today I passed a small gaggle of geese near another pond near here.
No fuzzy yellow goslings yet.
Nature moves at its own pace.

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