Monday, May 14, 2012

The Life Idle

Meet Tazewell Hoover Chippokes the First.
His first name derives from Tazewell,
a county tucked into the Allegheny Mountains  in southwestern Virginia.
The second name, "Hoover" does not honor President Hoover;
it  results from Taz's robust appetite and
his habit of suctioning his meals in like a Hoover vaccuum.
The third name honors Chief Chippokes,
a chief of the Powhatan Indian tribes.
Tazewell is the very languid figure inside the wooden hutch.
He is a pot-bellied pig, living as high a life as any porker can.

Taz gets ready for his close-up by ignoring his visitors:
Move along he says. Nothing of interest here.
We did see Taz earlier in the morning.
He was in a large enclosure
that opened to an expansive meadow full of clover.
But Tazewell was not frolicking in the morning sun as one might expect.
No. He was tending to his many daily responsibilities.
                                                         1. Wagging his tail
                                                         2. Getting his back scratched.
                                                         3. Lying down and getting his belly scratched.

And in the course of the day he tends to his two main responsibilities:
 Eating freshly cooked vegetables like carrots, beets, & greens.
 (He is a Southerner, after all.)
And napping:
And where did we meet Tazewell?
Find out tomorrow when we begin our journey through his dominion,
a place both near and far.


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