Monday, September 24, 2012

When Things Begin to Mushroom

Suddenly this week, mushrooms or toadstools, whichever they may be,
are popping up all over what is left of our summer lawn.
Unfortunately, their emergence appears to be utterly random,
not the charming "fairy ring" of white mushrooms 
growing up from the grass in a large circle.

No, our mushrooms are without allure. They are fleshy, tan and smooth.
Some of them are small with tall stems clustered together like enoki mushrooms:

Others look a bit like a lighter colored version of cloud ear mushrooms:

And still others look like tawny parasols:

while others have more of a snout-like quality,
perhaps mocking truffle-hunting pigs:

I enjoy fresh mushrooms on occasion, 
but these yard volunteers don't get an invitation to my table.
I assume that any fungus that pops up in my yard is a poisonous menace.

Fortunately, they have a short life span and quickly go from this:

To this rotting mass:

To looking a bit like the wicked witch after Dorothy threw water on her:

What a world, what a world.

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