Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Txoria Txori

Sometimes in life, 
shadows fall across us and incredible sadness visits us.
This is the case for our family this week 
as we say good-bye to a man who was a devoted and loving husband, father, 
son, brother, uncle, and friend to so very many.
Everyone who knew him sensed he understood life in ways that few of us could.
He was, and will remain, one of the finest men we have ever known.
In the Euskara (Basque) song "Txoria Txori" (loosely, A bird is a bird)
written by J. A. Artze and sung by Mikel Laboa,
the singer laments the loss of his beautiful bird after it has flown away forever.
Here are the words in English:

If I had cut its wings it would have been mine, 
it wouldn't have flown away.
But then
it would have been a bird no longer,
and it was the bird that I loved.

Here's a link to the song, which has a beautiful melody:

There are so many things one wants to say, so many things. 
But at the heart of life there is only stillness and ultimately, acceptance.
So we loosened our hold and let him fly from us because we loved him.
If only we could have kept you with us a little longer, Rick.

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