Sunday, August 19, 2012

Finding Perspective

One of my favorite quotes is one by Marcel Proust
which I shared in a blog earlier this year.
But it is apropos of today's blog, and since I like it so much,
I will repeat it here:

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.

I'm always amazed at how accustomed we get to looking at things around us so much
 that they fade into the background, completely invisible,
and if regarded at all, then only as being representative of the way things are.
And then suddenly, through some serendipitous rearrangement,
everything shifts and we have "new eyes."

That happened to me yesterday morning. 
For several weeks, I have been rooting cuttings of mint 
and black sweet potato vine 
 in a motley collection of water-filled vases and bottles:

And they have all been situated on the deck table, clustered under the umbrella,
lest they get too much sun or too much rain.
Every week or so, I check the water level, add some if needed, remove dead leaves, 
then generally let the cuttings go back to being ignored 
for several more days under the umbrella.

Saturday morning I lined them all up and refilled the water, gave them a little fertilizer,
and sat down across from them to eat my breakfast.
And suddenly I noticed that the middle vase, heart-shaped and purple,
was a perfect match to the black sweet potato vine, 
which was looking very aubergine  itself.

So I rearranged and stepped back to survey the results, and Voila!
The shape of the leaves even mirrors the heart shape of the vase:

As a result, I now have a striking composition in purple.
The colors really catch my attention and make me feel quite happy.
I've read before that the energy of color evokes moods or feelings, 
and some even say all living entities are surrounded by a colorful aura
that only a few people can see.

Edgar Cayce, the Virginia Beach, Virginia psychic known as "The Sleeping Prophet,"
could see auras. He recommended in the reading numbered 2712-1
that those who need healing should surround themselves with the colors lavender and purple
and harmonic music like The Blue Danube Waltz 
or other graceful and upbeat symphonic pieces.*
I don't know if that works or not, but if it does,
that really would prompt a "voyage of discovery."
Besides, pretty colors and beautiful music certainly can't hurt.

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