Monday, August 6, 2012

Along the Canal

Yesterday I returned to Chesapeake's Great Bridge Lock Park
for a walk along the canal and through the park,
this time with my husband and one of our dogs. 

This is a very small park that is all about enjoying maritime pleasures
since it's surrounded by water on three sides.
And from sunrise to sunset,
 there are always people there fishing or crabbing in the canal,
or launching their boats on the side of the park that borders a tiny inlet.

a small pier next to the boat launch:

For those readers unfamiliar with "crabbing,"
I'm going to digress and explain  how it's done.
I've only participated in this activity one time,
but it is commonplace here.
First, purchase at least one raw chicken back from the grocery store.
Then at the water's edge,
securely tie a long string or line around the back and the tail stub.
Lower the chicken into the water.
On occasion, pull the bait out of the water and check it.
Crabs will eventually attach themselves to the chicken flesh.
Some Tidewater folks say the more the chicken deteriorates in the water,
the more the crabs are attracted to it.
And trust me, the raw chicken does indeed deteriorate,
so this is not a job for the queasy. 
Pull the crabs off of the chicken carcass and put them in a bucket.
Take them home, steam them, 
spread some thicknesses of newspaper or a plastic cloth,
 and then spend an extraordinary amount of time
picking the meat out of their shells.
It's a messy, messy, task from start to finish;
but people who love fresh steamed blue crab find it a worthy pursuit.
So after walking past the people fishing and crabbing in the canal,
 we crossed the parking lot to a boat launch.

A flock of sea gulls congregated together on a nearby sandbar. 
At the moment the photo was taken,
 one (hovering over the small huddle)
had just flown in to join the group
which resulted in two others taking off (at left):

Tomorrow, more sights around the Park,
including a path that quickly became impassable.

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