Thursday, July 5, 2012

In Search of Butterflies

 Summer Haiku
harsh shadows yield as
drifting strands of twilight fall
cooling fevered earth
                            --Maggie English, 2002

Summer days in July are often terribly hot and humid in the Shire,
but in the early evening, the heat of the day cools,
making for more pleasant--if still humid--evenings.
Such it was the day my husband and I
went to the Norfolk Botanical Garden
in search of butterflies.

As I noted in an earlier blog, the butterfly house and garden
are quite a distance from the main part of the Garden,
and we didn't depart for them immediately.
There were too many sculptures and artistic elements to see first. 
The first one that caught my eye
was this mermaid, currently a symbol for Norfolk:

And then there was this colorful modern piece rising from the phlox:

And the sharp 90-degree angles and clean lines of this contemporary fountain:

But soon we were walking through the rose garden
on our way to the promise of delicate winged creatures:

But before we got to the butterfly area,
we travelled by some most unusual trees and plants,
including one that appeared to me to possess
what some people call tree consciousness.
Come with me tomorrow and take a look as we
journey closer to our destination.

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