Saturday, July 7, 2012

Creatures of a Brief Season

As the Norfolk Botanical Garden's living trees 
receded into the background, 
we arrived at the 2-acre Butterfly Garden.

The Garden was planted in buddleia butterfly bush 
and butterfly weed, of course,
and many nectar and host plants, including parsley, lantana, cosmos, 
and Joe Pye Weed, a tall burgundy-stalked favorite of mine. 
I really liked these bright orange zinnias: 

My husband and I sat together on this metal butterfly bench
when the heat and humidity got to be too much:

But did we find any real butterflies?
Yes, we did.
Here's one that was inside the butterfly house.
It had its "nose" pressed against the netting,
longing to be outside of its enclosure 
so it could frolic with its friends:

Friends like this bumble bee 
that was taking advantage of the flowers:

And of course, other butterflies like these skippers:

and black swallowtails:

and monarchs, of course:

The soft drone of bumble bees, 
the gentle flutter of butterflies,
flowers and herbs under early evening shadows.

The title Creatures of a Brief Season is from "The Golden Compass" by Phillip Pullman

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