Monday, February 20, 2012


Last night the northern shires of Virginia received snow.

These are the only snow drops we have here in the lower shire.

We didn't get snow, but it rained here through the evening and into the night. Everything this morning is wet and rain drops cling to the bare branches of the redbud trees. It is colder today and so cardinals and chickadees and nuthatches are busy at the feeders.

I do admire the nuthatch's ability to descend a tree headfirst, and he has done it more than once this morning on his way to feed. On the other hand, chickadees never seem to travel on their feet. They fly into the feeders along a straight line, like tiny arrows loosed from a bow. A moment ago, a chickadee dropped straight down into the feeder the way a spider drops from its web.

When the wind blows, the birds absent themselves. As I write they are yet to return to feed. I always wonder where they go. I like to think they are tucked into cozy little nests, dry and warm, with nothing to do but listen to the wind and wait for the sun to come out.


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