Monday, February 27, 2012

In Search of Carolina Jessamine

Yesterday my dearest and I 
set out to look for Carolina Jessamine,
a narrow-leafed evergreen vine with bright yellow flowers
 that twists and turns through the trees.
Carolina Jessamine blooms here in mid-February, well before the daffodils.
But this has been an unusual weather year, so the daffodils have been
in full flower for quite sometime. So I wondered about the Jessamine.

We made our way to a marsh bordered by woods near here,
and there it was draped across the tree branches.
It's blossoms were just beginning to show.

We turned down a path to cross the bridge over the marsh,
and there was more.

The small trumpets will open soon,
revealing the sweet fragrance of its nectar,
attractive to butterflies and bees.  

When the Carolina Jessamine blooms, can Spring be far behind?


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