Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Savannah Style

I think it's safe to say that like any good Southern Belle,
 the city of Savannah decorates herself in a thousand jewels.
Savannah's style is in the details, 
and sometimes they are immediately evident;
other times they are subtle and easily overlooked.
For example, after going in and out of the bed and breakfast several times,
 I finally noticed the planter holding the palm had a very distinctive face:

In Savannah, it seems every pot reveals its own personality:

Up close, even more detail is revealed:

One of the details that really contributes to southern style,
especially in Charleston, Savannah, and other decorative cities in the Deep South,
are the walled gardens and narrow alleyways.
This kind of alleyway is called a "close"
(pronounced with an "s", not a "z"):

I really love this next little treasure. 
It's the private courtyard of the Hamilton-Turner Inn.
An open iron gate, a worn brick walk, a lush, secluded garden, 
who wouldn't want to go inside and rest a while?

These dolphin downspouts are distinctly Savannah:

This door decoration was part of the owner's Christmas decoration,
but it reminded me of the quote
"peace to all who enter here"; 
It would be a lovely message on one's door any time: 

I loved looking at all the little details in Savannah.
It's one of the great things about vacationing in the South.

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