Monday, June 11, 2012

Oak Grove Lake Park

Last Sunday I visited the Great Bridge Lock Park,
 so I thought I would check out Oak Grove Lake Park in Chesapeake yesterday.
Oak Grove Lake Park is a beautiful urban oasis
with sixty-five acres of open water bordered by thick hardwood forest.
Located between an expressway and a bustling office park,
Oak Grove Lake is a hidden gem, known only to locals.
There is a popular hiking trail that runs the entire perimeter of the Lake,
and Sunday it was full of early morning hikers, joggers, 
dog walkers and a couple of folks fishing with a simple line and pole.

The Park's entrance is a lovely shaded avenue:

But it doesn't take long to reach the open area near the shore.
I'm sure children are delighted to see this colorful playground waiting for them
as they come out of the tree-lined pathway:

The Lake's water views are very refreshing, whether looking straight ahead:

or to the left:

or the right:

I like the view through the trees:

and the view of this well-worn path to water's edge,
likely traversed by raccoons who need to wash their food:

Join me again tomorow and we'll saunter further down the trail 
and explore the delights of the coastal forest.
Walking through the trees is a great way to start the week!

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